Palladian dinners to rediscover the authentic flavor of Vicenza

From late June to mid-October: four dinners, in the villas of Palladio (Vicenza), based on local products of Vicenza
It starts this month, the third edition of "The Palladian dinners", a series of four appointments - to be held June 24th, July 22th, September 2nd and October 14th, 2010 - in Villas and Palaces representative of the province of Vicenza addressed to tourists and lovers of food and wine, by which to introduce the culinary excellence, but also the heritage and culture of the Vicenza area. This is an initiative by caterers of Confartigianato, undoubtedly move to bring tourists and visitors to visit the territory and what is typical, from food and wine heritage. Interested parties have the choice of four dinners at the villas, each different in content and suggestions related to local traditions, participants will be able to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of other times, feel the magical atmosphere that characterized these houses in the sixteenth century. For the edition of 2010 are planned: an exhibition of the painter Jacopo Bassano, who in his paintings often included food and ingredients of the cuisine of the sixteenth century, a menu that brings into play local products, an area set up for exhibitions and tastings artisans  food, a guided tour to historic buildings and, finally, some moments of entertainment. Info: www.artigiani.vi.it


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