Open Grapperia 2010 and the distillation of grappa

See with your own eyes the distillation of brandy? Open Grapperia opens the secret doors of our favorite brandy, the craft grappa.
Sunday, October 10th, 2010 in the associated distilleries with the Grappa National Institute, Open Grapperia will take place again, the highly anticipated event open to the public that leads directly into distilleries, learning the voice of distillers production techniques, the history and the product, but also the culture and tradition of artisan distilling grappa. Exclusively Italian, the grappa is a product consumed by many with strong ties to the territory, the ancient Italian wine culture, based on the family roots of the distilleries. It is a noble beverage, which lends primarily to be savoured in quiet, with a good cigar or gourmet chocolates. Theme of the seventh edition of the Open Grapperia the responsible drinking, a subject very dear to the distiller, in order to take a position in the debate on alcohol, providing a collaboration to avoid excessive alcohol use, and demonstrate that the producers encourage  moderation and awareness. «The production of 2010 is expected to close at approximately 26 million litters of grappa. - states The President of ING Cesare Mazzetti - The day of Open Grapperia wants not only to promote artisan grappa at the national level, but also to protect it from infringement that may occur. In 2009 were exported 1.913.300 litters of anhydrous grappa of which 2/3 on the German market. From the quantity exported to Germany, 64% is "bottled", while the remaining 36% is imported “bulk" or with the opportunity to mix with local spirits and create a product that is no more100% Italian grappa. Same risk in Switzerland, and the third largest importer, Austria with 74,600 litters anhydrous, is positively oriented in the importation of bottle brandy as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. Information and the program Open Grapperia: www.grapperieaperte.it


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