On the night of Hong Kong Piedmont stars are shining

The Gala Dinner Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 officially opened the congress GVCI
The Gala Dinner Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 officially opened the congress GVCI. The title of the evening was explanatory “King Truffle and the Magnificent Flavour From Piemont”. Dozens of professionals from around the world, scattered among the tables of the Shangri La of Kowloon, celebrated together with the gourmets in the city, the pomp and importance of Italian cuisine in Hong Kong witnessed by the now famous restaurants and after departure of Grissini, 20 years ago, are now the benchmark of what is still considered the Door of Asia. Marco Sacco, of the Piccolo Lago in Verbania and now also of the River Club in Beijing, Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia of the La Credenza in San Maurizio Canavese, Pier Bussetti of the restaurant Omonimo at  Castello di Govone, Sergio Vineis of the Patio di Pollone, brought some classics of their kitchen, giving proof of undisputed mastery. The Truffle, selected and led, at the risk of arrest, directly from Franco Canta has been offered by San Damiano d'Asti, municipality with which was also shared an open Skype connection, during the evening to salute the Councillor Luca Quaglia. After an aperitif, in order of appearance, I cite the gorgeous Fassone tartare, lobster and foie gras with white truffle cooked by Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia, the Risotto with egg yolk, caramelized apples, marjoram and white truffle proposed by Pier Bussetti, Quail stuffed with sausage, prunes and Grana Padano, Nebbiolo and white truffle sauce prepared by Sergio Vineis, a selection of cheeses of the farm Sant'Alessandro and in closing Zabajone, sbrisolona cake in a cup and white truffle served by Marco Sacco. Wines of Orsolani, Batasiolo and Gagliardo. An amazing evening, that the members GVCI concluded celebrating its 10th anniversary and announced the star dish of the next International Day of Italian Cuisines, January 17th, 2011, the Pesto. The presentation was the occasion for the launch of a new way to communicate that itchefs-GVCI proposes for a better dissemination of the culture of Italian cuisine. Tonight is officially born Alfredo a comic strip character, a little clumsy, who would learn to cook from the school led by Franco Luise. But we'll tell you later, now, after too many hours of lost sleep I go to sleep to be rested at the Workshops and the Master Class ahead until November 7th. I just want to emphasize something, the event in Hong Kong has the support of some sponsors who have understood the strength of a network such as the GVCI, without any institutional funding, so a special thanks to Rosario Scarpato and Mario Caramella. Our correspondent at the Italian Cuisine World Summit, Aldo Palaoro


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