Novecento Restaurant at the distilleries Francoli

The Chef Matteo Vigotti of the Restaurant Novecento, Meina and his menu for a day at the distilleries Francoli
Matteo Vigotti, chef-owner of the Restaurant Novecento, Meina (www.nov-ece-nto.it) believes strongly in the incidence of the use of quality raw material on the final result, to achieve a high level cuisine. Essential is the search for great products for the composition of an excellent dish, even before the inspiration of the creator. A great chef who focuses on product quality, without remove the passion and professionalism as the most important figure in the kitchen. After exploring the most remote areas of culinary taste, after experimenting with different mix of culinary philosophies, the chef of the century, "back home", forging a cuisine in change but always in balance between territory, tradition, season and freshness innovation. During his visit at the distillery Francoli, this young but tried chef has prepared a very delicious menu. As an appetizer, a delicious finger food: shank cooked in Ghemme wine on potatoes cream, eel with a julienne of vegetables and citrus peel, butter cream with salmon trout and seaweed. As appetizer the dish of "Imagining the veal with tuna sauce", consisting of two medallions of raw tuna that enclose the tuna cooked in oil, all covered with buds and petals. As a first sensational stuffed ravioli with Bettelmat on thistles cream. For dessert, a trio of banana cakes, consisting of a mousse with crispy, a square of caramelized fruit, and a mini plum wrapped in chocolate. And finally, the petite patisseries colorful and varied with many tastes like chocolate, pistachio, and orange.


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