Not only Nero d’Avola and Syrah in Sicily

The company Cambria, founded in 1864 in Messina, focuses on production of wine grape varieties, such as Nocera, which gives the DOC Mamertino
One year after the inauguration of the new cellar, the company Messina Cambria launches a "wine tour" around Italy, aiming to raise awareness the nine types of wines produced, from traditional lands of Sicily and Bazia to the most sophisticated Suaviter and Cambria to tha diamond Rosso del Levriero, Nero d’Avola e Syrah skillfully assembled, to get to the rediscovery of the name Mamertino, with the autochthonous Nocera vine.The tour started a few days ago at the wine bar Città del Gusto of Rome, will unfold around tasting in Italy, in cities like Milan, Turin and Palermo, but will have its own operational bases in the same cellar Furnari in the province of Messina, where it developed an intense program of wine tourism.  Wine routes through the streets of the wine in Sicily, visiting the winery and vineyards, wine tasting in conjunction with typical food of the cuisine of Messina. The visitors in the month of September 2010 will be guided through hiking paths to explore places and vineyards set among hills and sea, in Sicily between Etna and Stromboli volcanoes.  Increased from 50 hectares of intensive production to the current 25 hectares of quality on clay soils sunny but cooled by sea breezes in the evening, the company Cambria has faced in recent years a strong program of renewal, both in the vineyard and winery, with the attempt to reconcile the exaltation of the area with quality innovative research.So in addition to international productions such as Chardonnay the Syrah wanted to revitalize indigenous grapes like Nerello Mascalese, Nero d'Avola, Inzolia and Grecanico in search of their most elegant and delicate expression. In the future of Cambria is also the bet on Mamertino, historic DOC  of the district, ancient and noble wine. www.cambriavini.com


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