Norbert Niederkofler: in South Tyrol, a 4 star hotel and four elements

Luxury Hotels in South Tyrol, but also excellent taste at the Rosa Alpina, where Norbert is cooking for few, precious fellow diner, the four elements of nature.
Norbert Niederkofler is the chef of the ”Hotel Rosa Alpina”, known 4 star hotel in South Tyrol, not only in the restaurant "St. Hubertus” (...  with his creative menu), but also in the “Fonde Stube” (... with meat and cheese fondue) in the "Limonaia" (... with its rich breakfast) and the creative director of the catering company Partyservice. "They are different places to eat, but where I can distribute energy and ideas in a coherent manner," says Norbert Niederkofler, as if he received the fundamental gift of ubiquity. The restaurant "St. Hubertus, however, is the center of his creativity, the one where you can experience the most imaginative and popular recipes. They are right there in that comfortable space, from which left the conditions for the Michelin stars. Only thirty-five people can sit in the evening and sample the dishes; so few diners to ensure the quality and attention to detail. "My menu changes constantly, depending on the seasons, my moods and freshness commodity" says Norbert, "providing the perfect combination of innovation-tradition". When he describes his famous creations, his eyes shine a little emotion: "There are special dishes that I propose often to the guests, not only because they won some prizes around, more or less, but because they are important in my memory: risotto with pine needles, fillet of beef in a salt crust and hay or the refined risotto with red onion, gorgonzola cheese and jelly Moscato Rosa. They are dishes that reflect the tastes and smells of my childhood, my own life. The pine and the hay are part of my culture!” In all preparations the flavors are blended in a delicate, unforced way, so that each ingredient can be identified and absorbed with the right passion and calm. Here's what Norbert mean by "kitchen of the four elements": "A philosophy that is based on the perfect harmony between air, water, earth and fire; are the ingredients of the earth, directly from nature, which are purified through the crystalline waters of Tyrol, after a laborious technique of cooking with fire, until the flavors are made public in the air". It is a new theory, which binds to the indissoluble character of the original chef of the kitchen. All this means loving ingredients, with their primary flavors, and try not to contaminate them. This philosophy is even more valid if it is confessed by Norbert Niederkofler, a man with his mind always in motion. The future it can only store him other new experiences, because for him, life is always linked to the concept of travel; move to another country means to observe and learn new tastes and techniques. Travel and cooking go hand in hand. "I traveled a lot in my life: through the American embassies, the markets of Bangkok, the beautiful Amalfi Coast or the far Nepal, aromas and flavors often come back in my dishes. I am always looking for an inner peace that stimulates my imagination; for this reason, sometimes, I walk away from civilization to discover the absolute essence of things." And all of us, enjoying his creations after these trips, we ask with frenzy which will be his next destination.


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