Nino di Costanzo: always looking for better products

Nino di Costanzo, chef patron of Il Mosaico restaurant, situated in the splendid Hotel Terme Manzi of Ischia. Piazza Bagni, 4 Casamicciola Terme - Ischia (Na)
Nino di Costanzo is an insatiable man, always looking for improvements, for a dream, for perfection. With all his love for Italy and its products, Nino is the author of a cuisine that is pure exaltation of Campania and southern Italy, a cuisine that is tied to tradition but above all wants to express the maximum of the unique exceptional typical products of the island and beyond. 37 years, he started in the kitchen of a pizza at 12 years, with a strong desire to understand more and more. This desire has led him all over the world, and during his training was in France, Belgium, Spain, England, United States ... And if a few years ago was determined to get back on travel, now, he says, he has changed his mind and he no longer outlook for his career in the countries of the world but in Italy to discover the products and local producers. It is just Nino that is telling us about his tireless search, a hunt for small producers throughout Italy, the typical products which reads the bravery and sacrifice of generations, allowing now to enjoy meals truly unique and unrepeatable. To them gives the substance of his dishes, to the small Italian producers tied to tradition and to the territory. But of course, in addition to the raw material is the creativity, the idea and the form that the chef is able to give to a plate to enhance the taste of products, and Nino di Costanzo in all this is really a master, so to deserve this year, the second Michelin star. As he tells us, never puts a dish on the table if it is not 100% sure, and I can confirm, having seen him with my eyes to work continuously for two days to prepare a sweet "space" of chocolate,  quince and white truffle dedicated to the melodies of autumn. The desserts are among the other great passion of Nino, which he dedicates himself, unlike many other chefs, and among which you can taste some of its best creative experiences. Here's a brief look at a chef on the rise that will really surprise you with his highly selected table. We asked a "signature dish" to advise you but how could a man like him hypostatize on a plate his cuisine? In fact, he said that a dish that represents him is not there, that what he liked yesterday, as by nature, he doesn’t like today... It is certain that we like his cuisine, both yesterday and today, and we advise it for tomorrow. Nino di Costanzo, chef owner of Il Mosaico restaurant, located inside the beautiful Hotel Terme Manzi di Ischia. (Manzi Terme Hotel & Spa – Piazza Bagni, 4 Casamicciola Terme – Ischia (Na) – C.a.p. 80074 – Tel. 081 994722 – Fax 081 900311 )


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