Moreno Cedroni at the Moschino hotel

Was opened officially the hotel Maison Moschino in Milan, the restaurant is entrust to Moreno Cedroni
The Italian sushi arrived in Milan! With a special evening event that mixed fashion, music and food has officially opened the hotel Maison Moschino in Milan (maintained by Hotelphilosophy Mobygest-Group). A hotel which "wants to be a home for friends, a place of enchanted fairy-tale atmosphere, a special place unlike any other" as told Rossella Jardini, creative director of Moschino. In the neoclassical building that was once the seat of the first train station in Milan are now 65 rooms, with design inspired by the stories and surrealistic visions, a bar, a spa and the restaurant "Clandestino" of the chef Moreno Cedroni, two Michelin stars. Famous for inventing the Italian sushi - raw fish and seasonings of Mediterranean tradition - and many creative seafood dishes that combine traditional elements to the innovation of Cedroni, with the help of executive chef Antonio Bufi, took care of the menu and kitchen of the restaurant Maison Moschino. At the tables is not lacking the same creativity, quality and originality of the proposals that guests of the " Madonnina del Pescatore " well known for some time. Info: www.maisonmoschino.com


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