Milan hosts the high-class patisserie

In the center of design, fashion and events in Milan, this year there will be the culinary event "Dolcemilano", dedicated to foreign and Italian pastry
In the period before Christmas, one of the most popular location for events in Milan, Zona Tortona, turns into a sort of Playland, where there will be a unique gastronomic event dedicated to high pastry. From 10th to 13th of December 2010, in fact, will take place "Dolcemilano" the sweetest of the Exhibitions, where anyone with the desire to get the latest updates of the field can go there and delight their palates. Dolcemilano is a unique event, a showcase that will showcase tasty pastry of the traditions and innovations of the entire peninsula, in addition, the event will be the window display of sweets from the rest of the world. With the intention of wrapping visitors in a totally sweet atmosphere, within this third round match will be set up places with drinks, of the finest Italian wines (sparkling wine in particular) to coffee, tea and herbal teas; and yet, it will be possible to choose fabrics, silverware, crystal and porcelain to present the last course menu, in the intimacy of a dinner party or in a more refined atmosphere of a haute cuisine restaurant. This tasty event is an occasion to not lose, because will take place in a festive atmosphere of Milan, as Dolcemilano falls in the days of the feast of St. Ambrose. www.dolcemilano.it


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