Mediterranean recipes

“Le ricette del grande Sud” (Recipes of the Great South) is a book of Mediterranean recipes gathered by Marisa Laurito
The book is the fruit of the passion of Marisa Laurito for cooking and for the Mediterranean, fascinating sea - the White sea of Arabs and the Mare Nostrum of the ancient Romans - with its ports and its coastal cities, which was the cradle of different civilizations and great cultures. Thanks to the myriad of navigators peoples who for centuries have sailed the waters of the Mediterranean to bargain, it was possible the exchange goods such as oil, wine, spices and much more. On the wave of these cultural influences between East and West, Marisa Laurito, passionate and profound connoisseur of Mediterranean cuisine, make traveling the reader her recipes from all countries bordering the waters of this basin, starting the gastronomic tour from Morocco, then to reach Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Italy, Malta, France, until Spain. Gastronomic tours as emblem of variety and richness of the dishes and ingredients of the cuisines of the lands bordering the Mediterranean. “Le ricette del grande Sud” (Recipes of the Great South) Baldini Castoldi Dalai Italian Language 220 pages EUR 16.50


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