Mauro Coffee: sixty years dedicated to coffee

In sixty years Mauro Coffee become a success in the production of coffee, known throughout the world
The story of Mauro Coffee is the story of a man, Demetrio Mauro, of his tenacity and his vision that led him to build a company that in sixty years has brought the taste of coffee of Reggio Calabria in the world. After the Second World War disrupts his plans, Mr. Mauro did not give up and starts toward the realization of his dream from Milan: here he begins the sale of coffee with a 20 kg roasting machine. The same machine is then installed in Reggio Calabria, Via Florio, where the collaboration of the family builds the foundation for what became a successful in Mauro coffee production, known throughout the world. The company currently has one of Europe's most modern production facilities and guarantees constant excellence and a quality product. The Mauro S.p.a. coffee imports, mainly from Brazil, Kenji, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Indonesia and India to clean, separate, toast it, mix it, package it and distribute it with strict quality standards in Italy and worldwide. In recent years, has distinguished itself for its valuable coffee factory, not only domestically but also abroad - always growing market - where the company ensures high quality products (for an excellent Italian espresso) with the brand that carries the "Made in Italy". A core of the company is the Coffee Academy, created to blend tradition, culture and professional development and become a real tool to serve the consumers. Café Mauro, a story with "caffeine" long sixty years! www.caffemauro.com


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