Macef: ecosustainable Picnic 2.0

The Macef of Milan has held for three days (9-12 September 2010) Picnic 2.0, a brilliant model of eco-friendly picnic
It was presented in Milan at Macef an innovative design project of Food design for external that review in a green and hi-tech way the "picnic", the moment of conviviality in open air more informal and practical as possible. Zona7 Communication design and food and DDE Design Diffusion editions launched for the occasion an engineered version of Picnic 2.0, the first and only environmentally friendly technological format of "mobile food”, designed for the use and maintenance of green areas and for the entertainment. The area was set up at Macef with all the tools, conceived in a technological and eco-friendly way, necessary for the realization of an event in "open air": two self-supporting structures, covered tables and benches with built-in USB, mini market, cooking area, paving to create the basic module of Picnic 2.0. The format of Picnic 2.0 is an example of environmentally sustainable architecture and environmentally sustainable design: the structures are covered with solar panels capable of recharge independently throughout the area, based on induction technology. Picnic 2.0 can be placed in a very advanced stage of evolution of the "classic" picnics. www.picnic2-0.com


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