Luca Gardini and the combinations with Panettone

Best Sommelier of Europe 2009, Luca Gardini is responsible for the cellar of Cracco Restaurant, Milan. ItaliaSquisita asked which are the best matchings with Panettone. He amazed us as always.
Here are some tips to avoid the original usual platitudes that everyone is looking for offering us in one of the most magical moments of the year: Luca Gardini, neo Best Sommelier of Europe 2009  told us his favorite pairings with the Christmas Panettone! Firstly the water: the beautiful and fizzy  “Bolle” of Lurisia, whose bubbles are very elegant and not at all aggressive and have the passion and enthusiasm to break the sweet plumpness of Panettone. From the first of the four elements now a Chinese product truly exceptional: the black tea "Golden Needle". This infusion, achieved only from pure gems of ancient trees of Yunnan, contrasts nicely the Panettone with its bitterness. To be drink strictly hot without adding any grain of sugar. We are always in the soft drink world, suggesting a centrifuged of green apple and ginger: the acidity of the winter apple, and lingering spicy note of ginger. Perfect organoleptic characteristics that make original the feast of Christmas and assure that children can toast with Panettone! When the game gets tough, however, alcohol must take action and here is a Prosecco di Valdobbiadene "Cartizze" Silvano Follador: fresh, biodynamic, scents of lavender and incense, flavors are very elegant and balanced. Panettone and Prosecco seems a millennium combination! And finally in beauty can be proposed an annurca apple brandy Vittorio Capovilla. The method is traditional, the apples are unique and the taste is something exceptional. Word of sommelier.


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