Liquid nitrogen ice cream by Ettore Bocchia

Davide Cassi and Ettore Bocchia of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni fromBellagio (CO) write about the ice and liquid nitrogen in the book "Il gelato estemporaneo" by Sperling & Kupfer.
Ettore Bocchia and the chef of molecular cuisine of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni from Bellagio (CO). Davide Cassi is Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Parma and professor of food science at Alma Kitchen School from Colorno (PR). They have given birth to a true culinary manual to create the ice with the new techniques of molecular cuisine. No bogeys or anathemas against this new technology: the molecular gastronomy and the ice cream with liquid nitrogen are only examples and overt dining experiences, pure and simple techniques to keep the cold stock longer. Davide Paolini, Italy's most famous Gastronaut treat the preface of the book, and this should be a guarantee of excellence. The molecular cuisine is described as "science kitchen” because it uses new tools to give glory and immortality to recipes as old as time. In addition to ice cream with liquid nitrogen in the book “Il Gelato Estemporaneo " (published by Sperling & Kupfer) you can learn to cook molecular Pumpkin Gnocchi, waffles with sepia, the tartar sauce of soy lecithin, the lasagna with pesto, the molecular Biscuits. Molecular recipes, among the Italian cookbooks, really amazing! Thanks to Ettore Bocchia and Davide Cassi the liquid nitrogen has never been so familiar. “Il Gelato Estemporaneo” (Extemporaneous Ice cream) Sperling & Kupfer Italian Language 213 pages 18 euro


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