Laurenzi Consulting: food and wine consulting firm

From the restaurant Antico Arco to the restaurant Baba in Rome, there are many places that arise from the projects with the consultation of the company Laurenzi Consulting.
The Laurenzi Consulting is a consulting firm for the catering and gourmet food firms, leader in its field (probably the only existing national), active in Rome and throughout Italy, with developments and collaborations abroad. Hit by the genius of the conception, Dario Laurenzi, this "war machine" of marketing and communications, we decided to interview him to tell you  about his professional career and to show his work (and that of his team), given its uniqueness in the field of gastronomy. Darius starts its journey at 19 years, working in a wine bar (Enoteca Costantini Piazza Cavour in Rome) to pay for college. It so happens that, although a teetotaler, fall in love with the world of wine: follows tasting courses, is responsible for sales in the wine shop, and after a period of field experience, becomes an expert. Thus, from representative, he launches into a road, then innovation: taking into account that in the 80s in most restaurants in the capital, it was proposed bulk wine, red or white, Darius began to propose, instead, the first wine lists. It even shows enterprising when Enoteca Costantini decided to expand the place: the young employee suggested to open a wine bar, another novelty at the time in Rome, since there were only three or four. Here he gains experience also dealing with the combination wine-food, with a focus on value for money. Coming to 2004, when Darius founded and run the company Laurenzi Consulting: unique in the gastronomic sector in Italy, it was responsible of the start of an activity or, more rarely, the resolution of problems in catering activities already begun). A team of experts to plan effective communication with various tasks, they took over the project and follow it, from market analysis and feasibility to the concept, from the creative or technical support (constantly following the company philosophy) to the conception of the menu and wine list, leaving the customer only after the start up, the final moment before the opening to the public. Farsighted inventor of a profession, Dario dispenses advice all the time: great believer in the multipurpose room, perhaps also including a cooking school and store books. After Grano Salis at Lucca, we hope that soon realize this project elsewhere, so the dream coming true for the many gourmet food and wine enthusiasts at 360 degrees. www.laurenziconsulting.it


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