Lapo Elkann, white Vodka

November 25th, 2009, in Milan, Milan Philological Club. Take life I SPIRIT VODKA, the new Italian vodka born from the collaboration between Arrigo Cipriani and his Harry's Bar with Lapo Elkann, Marco Fantinel and Francesco Cosulich.
The experience in the wine and commercial industry of Marco Fantinel and Francesco Cosulich, history and tradition of Arrigo Cipriani together with the intuition and initiative of Lapo Elkann, represent the solid foundation upon which rests the young company I SPIRIT, with the goal of creating a product with unique features: traditional and innovative, 100% Italian and strongly oriented to the international market. The I SPIRIT VODKA is distilled five times to get a spirit of high quality. The distillate is increased to 40 percent alcohol by adding clear water of the Dolomites, and then filtered through charcoal to achieve a level of absolute purity. Finally the vodka is chilled to -18 degrees Celsius and finally filtered. The first major international project for a vodka all made in Italy from Italy, where it will be distributed by the Group Biscaldi Genoa, up to more international destinations and an exclusive clientele by tapping cities like New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, St . Tropez through a selected list of clients / partners that reach only the On Trade channel.


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