Lake Garda Restaurants? Villa Feltrinelli Gargnano

Among the restaurants of Lake Garda the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano and its chef Stefano Baiocco light dishes with incredible aromatic herbs.
The cuisine of Stefano Baiocco follows a line of very personal inspiration, a path of constant research. Since he come to San Giacomo, the village of Gargnano where is the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli (www.villafeltrinelli.com), Baiocco could actually start to follow his desire, a pure food, light, clear, where herbs, his great passion, could find a really important role. "The aromas, the herbs, edible flowers, have the strength to give body and thickness to a dish without rendering it excessive, triggering unexpected feelings to assume the simplest and most essential: nature as it is." Stefano devoted to his research: over the years, has learned diverse plants and about how to select them for his cuisine. Now, are more than 140 those that populate the greenhouse, pots and flowerbeds in the park of Villa Feltrinelli Gargnano. The lightness of the plate must be visible, as well as edible, aesthetic element is important in the creations of Baiocco. On the plate, like a Japanese box, all items are perceptible and distinct, combined, not messy. The purity, from the view is reflected in taste, is found in the simplicity of the elements and the complexity of their composition, for a spiritual effect, capable of communicating something higher than the taste. And the lightness, as well as visual and nutrient, has to be also in the entire menu. Stefano offers a few dishes, trying to stay on the quantity and the number of courses. The goal? Let the customer "satisfied" and "clean", not burdened by food, to enable him to remember what it tasted. "I love cleaning in the mouth and in the plate. I do not use too many items and try to keep them all well-defined. In every dish I must have at least one element capable of stimulating reflection of eating, making thinking ... without leaving anything to chance, but allowing it to be the case every day, to give new life to ideas”.  It exemplifies one of the last dishes of the chef: "... A simple salad. The dish is called just like that, with dots, apparently because the adjective "simple" is ironic. It is a square of brick pasta with fresh mushrooms which are resting, taking them with tweezers one by one, a leaf of each plant in the park. The composition is different each time, depending on the seasons and days. "It's an “anarchist” plate I dare say, because it follows its own law, and explodes in the mouth and triggering diverse memories and complex flavors. All herbs, a few cube of pickled lemon, Maldon salt and Garda oil. " In short, if among the restaurants on Lake Garda you are looking for a place where you carry in another order of ideas, scents and spaces, the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli in Gargnano is definitely for you and for anyone who wants to be astounded by the magic herbs of the generous nature.


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