Italian caviar from Russian sturgeon

Italian Caviar: raising “Russian sturgeon”, which produces excellent Oscietra caviar
In the Lombard Park of the valley of Ticino, Cassolnovo (PV) was started many years ago from the group Mandelli an important establishment of aquaculture. Here, in 1998, Ticino Sturgeon became a courageous promoter of entrepreneurship, which was a resounding success: the breeding of the prestigious Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii, otherwise known as "Russian Sturgeon". This is the most common sturgeon in the waters of southern Russia and the Caspian Sea. It is famous for being the type that produces the delicious and excellent Oscietra caviar, the most famous and prestigious in the world. Italian Caviar offers three types of this "Italian caviar":
  • Imperial: extraordinary caviar with soft, slightly fruity and sweet taste with a delicate aroma of hazelnut. The eggs, large size, have a color ranging from dark brown to golden amber.
  • Royal: delightful and delicious caviar with amazing quality is characterized by a color ranging from dark brown to gray, with bits of amber.
  • Classic: an intense aroma and unique scent, delicious eggs of small to medium size, with tones ranging from dark gray to amber.


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