Inns of Italy 2011

It is published Inns of Italy 2011, with 1700 marked places and 226 snails assigned to the best addresses
It is published Inns of Italy 2011, Slow Food Editor. More than 1700 records - including traditional pubs, restaurants and family restaurants, wineries with kitchen and cottages - design as in past editions the geography of food culture, from the Valle d'Aosta to Sicily, with guaranteed reliability and professionalism of the nearly one thousand employees of Slow Food in the area. Novelty 2011: compared to the 2010 edition, have been included 141 new pubs and there are maps created in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club. Among the included, it should be noted that dedicated to freshwater fish of Lombardy (the region with 23 inns with snails) and to the places that are serve them with strict attention to traceability. In addition to the snail that indicates the best inns, there are two more symbols (a bottle and a crescent of cheese) reward, respectively, and the most provided wineries and the places that have the best selection of cheeses. Other interesting feature, a path between the "old glories" of the guide: a tribute to the taverns, present since the first editions, that have since then taken a different path in the evolving style of cuisine and service and at prices consequently higher, while maintaining fidelity to the gastronomy of the territory and, often, of the tradition. Curator Paola Gho 2011 (Inns of Italy 2011) 20 euro 912 pages


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