In the cradle of Cuddles: Tea and herbal teas

The company Coccole produces tea and herbal teas for the refined taste of the Italians, giving them real “emotions in a cup”
The historic company “Coccole” (Cuddles) has its origins in 1905, when the founder Primo Ferri, a farmer in the province of Mantova, decided to direct its activities to the production of vegetables. In one hundred years more have passed, there was a constant process of improvement and expansion of the activities geared towards the marketing of plant products, increasingly sophisticated, from around the world. The main objective of the company is the quality (conjugated to the security), with special attention to the variety of specimens of plants and to the selection phase. The evaluation and purchase of products for infusion and tea takes place at production plants - China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, etc. - with an eye towards quality and the standards used for the cultivation and processing of all imported raw materials. After the stages of organoleptic and quality evaluation, the goods are imported and, here, they are processed, making mixes to try to prepare traditional recipes with tea, flavored teas and fruit teas, which once defined are jealously guarded. The selection of tea is very rich, not only with regards to the geographical origin: from the packaging studied in detail, they give off their aromas the unfermented tea (white tea, yellow, Japanese green tea), semi-fermented (oolong tea), the fermented (black tea) and post-fermented (Pu-erh tea). Also you can taste the tea scented with flowers or spices, decaffeinated teas to a wide range of fruit and herbal teas (cleansing herbal teas, fruit teas, herbal teas for sleeping etc.). Info: www.coccole.it


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