ICWS, see you next year!

The last day of the exciting Italian Cuisine World Summit held in Hong Kong
A good game does not last long, or at least to me it seemed so, when yesterday, the last day of the Italian Cuisine World Summit, the President Caramella  gave the "stop game" in a nice brunch held at the Spasso Restaurant, managed by the hospitable GVCI Michele Senigaglia. A meeting of flavors, featuring a Risotto with sausage prepared by Matteo Scibilia, along with lots of delicacies from every continent to witness the universality of this dynamic group that greeting each other has given the “see you next year”. It is still time for some interviews, a few hours of shopping, one last connection from the restaurant Gaia with the municipality of San Damiano d'Asti for a service of the TG3 and then all at the airport, where a few moments of suspense made us entertained until the end, some a bit more, we, others a bit less, the journalist friend who risked to remain in Hong Kong because of a misunderstanding on his ticket. In conclusion, an event that demonstrates evens more the vitality of our gastronomy movement. All the Master Class went over booking; the dinners in restaurants were booked for weeks, the moments of the show at Vinitaly tasting, super crowded. The GVCI shows that a network of trained professionals can act as intermediary for the producers of our country better than anyone else from Italy without support. Local newspapers follow them, chase them, and patiently listen to them. The fans around the world know they can count on them for authority and certainty of the proposal of a rigorous style of unmatched cuisine that we all envy. Goodbye, then, to the next year, but before, the next January 17th, 2011 all to cook Pesto alla Genovese at the Fourth International Day of Italian Cooking. Our correspondent Aldo Palaoro


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