Hunt to the flavors at the Symposium Four Seasons

Discover the hinterland of Pesaro through the suggestions of the chef Lucio Pompili, the owner of the "Symposium Four Seasons" from Cartoceto
The technique is that of the hunter: the study of the prey, stalking, aim and capture. Lucio Pompili applies it from twenty-five years; from prepare the game to the creation of new culinary temptations. His dishes are the result of work of experimentation, refinement and consolidation that start from the study of typical local dishes to achieve the creation of bold, often subject to patent dishes. Like the famous "salad of eel and pork cheek," presented in 1987 at the Congress Saperi e Sapori: the recipe was born from the chef and a neighbor that provides important information on the cuisine of the area. Lucio then goes in search of the pig and of the carnivorous eels: take the latter, slightly smoke them, cuts them, accompanied by a varied country salad. Then wrap it in a network of pork and grill it until cooked, with the last touch of raspberry vinegar as flambé. The main idea of the kitchen Lucio Pompili is to leave room for innovation, while remaining faithful to tradition: we must therefore return to dialogue with producers, aromas and recognizable textures. He succeeded tightening the alliance with many artisans bearers of excellence, from butchers (Bonci Farm in Serrungarina) to the cheesemakers (Gastronomy Beltrani in Cartoceto), from the Cartoceto oil producers (Farm Galiardi) to the bakers Chiaserna (Oven Wood K2). A journey of flavors all in the province of Pesaro Urbino. Info: www.symposium4stagioni.it


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