Holidays on the farm? Puglia in Autumn!

Among the farm holidays in Puglia, Mario Ottaviano of Trabucco in Peschici presents some culinary events to discover the Gargano secret.
The enterprising chef Mario Ottaviano, after the summer success of the Trabucco restaurant in Peschici, has opened a wonderful bed and breakfast in Puglia, the Ziani. So far, so good. But the wine and food projects that are proposed are really interesting, because seeing the Gargano in the autumn is equally intriguing. Farm holidays in Puglia, but from now in Autumn! Here is the program to find the fish, tasting excellent wines from Puglia, Gargano mushroom picking and tasting unusual gourmet kitchen. Try it to believe it ! Food and wine schedule of the month of October 1/2/3 October 2010, The Beast from the sea: By the end of summer and the arrival of fresh autumn, the sea is awakening from the long biological rest period. Exploring the lesser-known fish of the sea of the Gargano, the so-called "poor fish" as the leer, the Garzadori, the lacierta, and many others. Visit the fish market to buy fish and, if time permits, fishing trip with the trawler. Preparation of fish, tasting dishes and tasting wines from the cellar D'arapri of San Severo. 15/16/17 October 2010, the revival of the forest With the arrival of autumn, the undergrowth begins to give several fungi (porcini, ovuli, roosters, Russolo); walking in a different Gargano other than the beaches, the forests in autumn. Breakfast on the terrace and then departure for the "Petassa forest” for mushroom picking with packed lunch. Preparation of dishes based on mushrooms, tasting dishes and tasting wines from the cellar Alberto Longo of Lucera. 28/29/30 October 2010, a country of sea: typical local dishes The Gargano, unlike what everyone thinks, has a gastronomy belongs entirely to the Earth: cuttlefish ragu, ragu of octopus, bread soup with snails, acquasala, beans and chicory, beans and squash, etc.. A journey through the typical local dishes, with assistance from a conservative of the treasures of Gargano cuisine. Info and reservations: www.ziani.it


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