High pastry recipes? Summer emotions by Gianluca Fusto

Gianluca Fusto and the high pastry have much in common: here is a delicious creation of high Italian pastry recipes, "summer emotion ".
Gianluca Fusto has created a fresh sweet of the high pastry that combines the almond flavor with the apple flavor, a colorful cake that unleashes a unique aroma in your mouth! The pastry chef has created this dessert from a base of pastry made with flour Petra, combined with Sicilian almond flour, creating a romantic and pleasant taste to the palate. Granny Smith apples, Provence almonds and Lemongrass are the three main ingredients of its Summer Emotion. It is made up of three layers: a bed of puff pastry on which is laid the Granny Smith apples with extra virgin olive oil, mousse with almond paste and the Ivoire and Lemongrass Vellutata, all covered with a cold glaze of lemon and decorated with 24 carat gold foil and strawberries. Among the top pastry recipes, a real summer gem! Summer Emotions 2000 g pastry with almonds Petra 1800 g Granny Smith apples with virgin olive oil 1700 g Provencal almond mousse 2900 g Ivoire and lemongrass Vellutata 1700 g Icing Cold Gold and Lemon 24 carat gold leaf 100 g strawberries Pastry with Petra almonds for the "Summer Emotions" 415 g Butter 82% M.G 9 g salt 350 g icing sugar 117 g Sicily Aquolina almond flour 195 g whole egg 233 g flour 5 Petra 681 g flour 5 Petra Soften the butter at 25 ° C. Add the sugar and eggs in a planetary equipped with leaf. Mix without adding air bubbles. Combine the almond flour. Tying it all with the first amount of flour. Finish the dough with the remaining flour. Refrigerate at least 3 hours at +4 C and then lay it all to 2.5 mm. Bake in the oven at 160 ° C with the valve open. 1800 g Granny Smith apples with extra virgin olive oil for the "Summer Emotions" 1459 g Granny Smith apples 78 g caster sugar 136 g Water 117 g Sicily Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 g Polynesia vanilla Powder Soy lecithin 9 g Pirano salt Make the syrup with water, sugar, vanilla and salt. In a jug put the extra virgin olive oil, lecithin and the syrup a little at a time with the help of a mixer. Inserting tubes apples and marinate them for at least 2 hours, overnight if possible. Bake at 160 ° C for 20-25 minutes. 1700 g Provencal almond mousse for the "Summer Emotions" 312 g paste of Provence almond 50% 374 g UHT Whole Milk 374 g cream 35% M.G. UHT 15 g gelatin sheets Gold 2 g 624 g cream 35% M.G. UHT Use the almond paste 50 or 70% fruit, depending on the desired taste. Mix cold the almond paste with whole milk and 300 g of cream until blended. Soak the gelatin in plenty of water and squeeze it. Melt the gelatin with a small part of the first compound by heating. Warning: remember to pre-gel the compound to prevent separations. When needed add the whipped cream, Heat the mixture at 20 ° C and mix to refine the structure. 2900 g Ivoire and lemongrass Vellutata for the "Summer Emotions" 811 g fresh whole milk 30 g Glucose syrup 20 g gelatin sheets Gold 2 g. 862 g Ivoire Coverage 1014 g Mascarpone 10 g fresh lemon Zest 152 g Lemon grass If possible leave to infuse the milk with lemon grass and lemon for a night. Boil the milk. Filter, return to original weight and bring to it to boil. Pour the liquid on the Ivoire cover melted at 45 ° C gradually, rubbing vigorously until obtain an elastic and shiny center. Add the mascarpone and mix together for a few moments to refine the structure. Allow to crystallize at least one night in a refrigerator at +4 ° C. 1700 g Gold and Lemon cold Glaze for the "Summer Emotions" 1205 g Nappage Absolu Cristal 482 g Water 1 g of lemon essential oil 12 g gold metallic powder Boil the glaze neutral with water. Refrigerate. It is ready to use at 25 ° C, add the essential oil and the color and mix it in a jug. Frosting the cakes at 25 ° C. Note: when you are going to mix the frosting attention to air bubbles


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