Haute Italian Cuisine at Identità New York 2010

After Identità golose in Milan and Identità London, the event on the high Italian cuisine moves in New York!
Identità New York, from 12 to 14 October 2010, will take place the celebration of high contemporary Italian cuisine. Ten chefs and a pastry will go up on stage Eataly, the paradise of the throat that Oscar Farinetti opened in the Big Apple in late August, to paint a picture of the haute cuisine of our country and showcasing the excellence of a nation with thousand different flavors that born among the glaciers of the Alps and comes, with its coasts, to look at itself in the Mediterranean. Participants: Ugo Alciati, chef owner of the restaurant Guido (in Bra - Cuneo) - www.guidoristorante.it Luca Montersino, owner pastry chef of Golosi di Salute (in Alba - Cuneo) - www.golosidisalute.it Davide Scabin, chef owner of the restaurant Combal.zero (in Rivoli - Torino) - www.combal.org Emanuele Scarello, chef owner of the restaurant Agli Amici (in Udine) - www.agliamici.it Massimo Bottura, chef owner of Osteria Francescana (in Modena) - www.osteriafrancescana.it Moreno Cedroni, chef owner of the restaurant Madonnina del Pescatore (in Senigallia - Ancona) - www.morenocedroni.it Cristina Bowerman, chef and owner of Glass Hostaria in Rome - www.glasshostaria.it Gennaro Esposito, chef owner of the restaurant Torre del Saracino (in Vico Equense – Naples) - www.torredelsaracino.it Niko Romito, chef owner of the restaurant Reale (at Rivington - L'Aquila) - www.ristorantereale.it Pietro Zito, chef owner of the restaurant Antichi Sapori (in Montegrosso Andria - Bari) - www.antichisapori.biz Pino Cuttaia, Chef owner of the restaurant La Madia (in Licata - Agrigento) www.ristorantelamadia.it www.marchidigola.it


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