Great chefs’ recipes: the cannelloni stuffed with ice cream recipe

The cannelloni stuffed with ice cream recipe by da Igor Macchia and Alberto Marchetti
The ice cream season is not over with the arrival of autumn! The great chefs, Igor Macchia - of the Restaurant La Credenza of San Maurizio Canavese (TO) - is an artist of the ice cream recipes, and Alberto Marchetti have created an original variation on the recipe of stuffed cannelloni, a veritable explosion of taste. Ice cream, as haute cuisine, is a creation of the author. And when two great teachers begin to work together creates what is undoubtedly a work of art. Inventiveness and creativity in a plate, because this is where the ice cream flavors marry haute cuisine for a delicate and surprising result. Perfect to be served at the restaurant, delicious surprise to be tasted in ice cream shop. Their proposal is dedicated to the autumn pumpkin. Ingredients: cannelloni, pumpkin ice cream, olive oil, Maldon salt and basil. The reinterpretation of a classic Italian dish, cannelloni, and a recipe found in the Emilian tradition of pumpkin. The combination of pasta and pumpkin ice cream made by Igor Macchia and Alberto Marchetti does not break the harmony of a delicate taste and at the same time intriguing. The touch of the two great Italian chefs is the skillful use of ingredients as simple as crucial to the feelings that the dish evokes on the palate: the soft pyramidal crystals of Maldon salt, which is used to enhance the flavor of pumpkin, and basil that gives the dish a spicy note.


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