Grappa Segnana Anniversary, an aristocrat distillate

Pleasure for all five senses with grappa Segnana Anniversary. A rare pleasure, and because they are in limited edition, only 1,860 special bottles of Grappa Segnana, all hand-numbered, that Segnana wanted to celebrate its 150 years.
For more than a decade has been lovingly and carefully kept in the cellars of the distillery Segnana. The time spent in barrels of the finest European wood made it an attractive grappa, extraordinary, with rare softness and complexity smell - with hints of tobacco, wood, beeswax - unique and at the level to can be put in bottles bearing the noble title of grappa Segnana Anniversary. His name is Anniversary because 2010 is an anniversary year to celebrate the distillery Segnana. Was in fact in 1860 when the enterprising young Paolo Segnana, that personally going farm to farm in the valleys of Trentino with a cart where he had placed a portable still, gave up life to the first distillery of which we have a trace. An activity, that of distillation, of immediate and long-recognized success; expanded later passed to his son Graziano, then to his nephew, Armando. Activities, finally, merged in 1982 with the production of wines of the family Lunelli that wanted enrich its range of products immediately took the opportunity to purchase offered. A natural step since the brothers Lunelli of the Ferrari wineries were among the most important conference of marc, which has enshrined the vocation of excellence of Segnana. Because all the Segnana grappa are obtained only from fresh pomace still rich with wine and distilled according to the method of discontinuous steam bath. To officially present the grappa Segnana of the 150th anniversary, the family Lunelli organized a special evening by welcoming guests in the beautiful Villa Margon, the sixteenth century place required by the notable Lorenzo Basso and totally immersed in the vineyards of Chardonnay that produces precious grapes, raw material of the most precious of sparkling wine of the Ferrari wineries. The most awaited moment of the evening, the one of the tasting Segnana Anniversary, has been lovingly introduced by the dinner prepared by chef of Locanda Margon, the restaurant that the family Lunelli and Ferrari wineries, since last April, awarded to the talented Alfio Ghezzi. The chef, originally from Trento with a professional past spent with Gualtiero Marchesi and Andrea Berton, gave the best to build a menu with a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, the flavors of land and sea, daring combinations surprisingly convincing. For the start a taste of the culinary art of the Alfio Ghezzi was given by the Julienne of squid lying on a bed of creamy black rice, the Red shrimp accompanied with smoked eggplant cream and Terrine of liver with creamed corn and popcorn. To accompany the tasting of the bubbles Giorgio Ferrari Lunelli Reserve. Following the special menu that the chef has created thinking about the dishes that were in perfect harmony with the best wines offered by Ferrari.Then was served a tasty Lobster marinated in grappa Segnana Sherry Cask, mushrooms, parsley cream and spleen sandwich; an original Cannellone and a Carrot with rabbit ragout and passion fruit; a Leg of lamb with purple eggplant and pistachios. In the glasses first the Bubbles of the Ferrari Riserva Lunelli 2003 and of Ferrari Perlé Rosé 2005. To accompany the highlight of the evening, the opening and tasting the of first bottles of brandy Segnana Anniversary the chef has clearly demonstrated his high ability to innovate in the tradition by revisiting the classic Black Forest cake accompanied with mozzarella and emulsion coffee ice cream. Pleasure for all five senses in the glass with the grappa of the anniversary. A rare pleasure, and because they are limited edition only and exactly 1,860 bottles of grappa Segnana, all hand numbered. www.segnana.it www.cantineferrari.it


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