Gourmet Suppliers of “Al Sole di Ranco”

The "suppliers of ingredients", of the Chef David Brovelli of Sole di Ranco, in Ranco (VA)
At Sole di Ranco, in the province of Varese, the chef Davide Brovelli seems enamored of its raw material suppliers. Exclusive for ItaliaSquisita here are the great producers, from the butcher Crosetti di Crodo, where Davide often go to buy Walser dried, salted beef and various meats including typical mortadela of Ossola, to procure veal to prepare rustin-negà in sauce got by the fat of the meat  and only a small addition of white wine.   Vegetables accompany this Milanese dish, produced exclusively with organic farming products, provided by Gilberto that is farming as a hobby and supplies Davide Brovelli with  exceptional salads, beets, tomatoes, celery, chili pepper, parsley, radishes and every kind of fruits of the season. With the mystical aromas of the garden purchased by the farm Berardi in Bellaria Igea Marina it is  composed the legendary lobster salad and orange-flavored buffalo mozzarella.To be enjoyed with some slice of bread baked with organic wheat flour and cereals, ground in the stone mill of Langa Marino Felice (a supplier from ancient history). Dairy products, however, arrive fresh from the dairy of Social Antigoriana of Crodo like first salt and tomini with herbs of Cristellino obtained with unpressed curd, and from Crodo with a sweet delicate flavor. Directly from the lake comes the most typical product of the kitchen Sole: the lake fish supplied by Lorenzo of the Verbano Ittica, safely and professionally, for the composition of special Persian kebabs with fresh herbs, crunchy nuts and red Tropea onion, or Perca  pike served with ice mustard, Jerusalem artichokes and pistachios.  Lorenzo always  assures Mediterranean Bluefin tuna, the shrimp, sea urchins, prawns and lobsters caught daily in Sicily. While from de Isola Bella from Maggiore Lake, the two fishermen, Alessandro and Mario, fish in spring the great brown trout and the pikes. The addresses of the suppliers:
  • Farm Berardi, via Garibaldi 40, Bellaria Igea Marina (RN), tel. 0541.330305
  • Farm Moncucco, Frazione Montonero of Vercelli, tel. 0161.313176
  • Farm Robustelli, via Uponne 71, Ranco (VA), tel. 0331.976935
  • Dairy Sociale Antigoriana Coop, via Circonvallazione, Crodo (VB), tel. 0324.61081
  • Butcher Crosetti, via Roma 16, Crodo (VB), tel. 0324.61001
  • Stone Mill Pietra Marino, via Caduti per la patria 41, Cossano Belbo (CN), tel. 0141.88129
  • Fishing  Verbano, via Angera 105, Sesto Calende (VA), tel. 0331.977023


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