Gilac Craft brewery

Production of craft beer in Piedmont? From craft brewery Gilac!
The craft beer of Piedmont is teaching a lesson to all Italy. We talked about it in the "Craft beer? The 10 essentials from Piedmont”, but we want to add to the list a microbrewery whose products have impressed us for quality and goodness. The production and sale of craft beer Gilac is in the hands of two boys and a girl that opened it in 2007, the "microbrewery" in Valdellatorre (TO), realizing a common dream born from the passion for this drink. In the laboratory Gilac it happen the production of craft beer. The Gilac beer is a "raw beer" that differs in quality as it does not undergo pasteurization (heat treatment for sterilization) is a living beer, produced by hand, with the use of raw materials such as malted cereal grains, hops, baking powder, spices, no additives, colorings, preservatives and stabilizers. There is no filtration of yeast for carbonation, the "carbonation" of this type of beer is natural, the result of a double fermentation (re-fermented in bottle). The products are well treated even in the presentation, from the aesthetic form of the 0.75 cl bottles, like champagne. Among the various light and red, emerges an amber beer: the Alma, a craft beer characterized by the autumnal fragrance of chestnut honey, accompanied by fruity and floral notes, excellent to combine with cheese and braised meats. To discover the full range of Gilac products, including jellies and vinegar: www.gilac.it


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