Giacomo Casanova seduce again between cinema and great wines

Spessa Castle celebrates Giacomo Casanova between cinema, golf and great wines. A Film Award and a Golf Trophy dedicated to the illustrious seducer. At stake for the winners are the prestigious wines of the region.
This year the Spessa Castle of Capriva in Friuli is the theater of the prestigious "Award Casanova" that from 2003 celebrates the seductive figure of the illustrious seducer guest of the Venetian Castle in 1773. The 2010 edition will include two phases: a golf tourney to be held on a path of the vineyards of Spessa Castello and the film award for the most seductive scene of an Italian film of last season, chosen among the ten selected movies by film critic Gianni Canova. The winners will be rewarded with selections of wines produced by the prestigious Spessa Castle - landmark of Friulian enology - decanted from the eighteenth century by Casanova in his “Memoirs”. To the great seducer Casanova is named the best wine that more than any other embodies the characteristics of elegance, style and intensity that captivate and conquer: the Pinot Noir, noble and aristocratic, able to enchant and delight even the most refined palates. Who will win the trophy for golf or cinema prize will gain a rich booty: from Magnum Pinot Noir Casanova 365 bottles of wine Castle Spessa (one for each day of the year). Info: www.premiocasanova.it


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