Gay-Odin: artisan chocolate in Italy

Gay Odin: Naples has its own chocolate factory
It all began in the late nineteenth century… may seem the opening words of a book of fairy tales, it is just a reference chronological point of the beginning of a long tradition of craftsmanship. At the time Isidore Odin has moved from Alba in Naples his greatest passion and most importantly, has brought with him the desire to create never tasted flavors, to experiment with new delights, mixing together different ingredients. It is with a scent so pervasive that begins the story of Odin Gay (Gay indicates the name of the founder's wife), whose fame grows so much that in 1922 was able to open his factory in a place that today is the heart of city: five plans behind Via dei Mille, among the houses of the nobles and upper class. The various changes of ownership did not lose the passion, the tradition and the recipes of its founder and of the master chocolatiers. Artisan firm with chocolate production of all kinds, made with traditional recipes and quality ingredients extra following all the rules of the homemade chocolate: ingredients of excellent quality, precise doses and no preservatives. Only then the result is guaranteed. A store opened in 1922 and a united family, 35 employees, 10 stores. The management consists of a single family unit that is associated with workers to get a product at the highest levels of quality starting from the best cocoa beans (bitter). The varied products include chocolate gifts, which can be enjoyed alone or shared with friends, chocolates with coffee, liqueur, with cream, almonds and hazelnuts created with an ancient and wise art as the cocoa. www.gay-odin.it


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