FrancoFiore: the tradition into the future

FrancoFiore producing porcelain for quality cuisine. Born by the will of Lamberto Perego from the tradition of Tiche, the Italian leader in artistic porcelain.
For us, digital animals is not always granted to have an idea of the real world of small and medium Italian companies, of the manual labor and craftsmanship that works every day, millions of countryman. Of that industry excellence that risk at every step to collapse under the strong winds of Chinese imports. For those wishing to dive back into this economic and cultural reality that has always said to be the backbone of Italy, a visit to the establishments of Tiche (artistic porcelain) and F.B.A.I. (bronze chandeliers) in Usmate could be an opportunity to not miss. But we did not get there by accident. Indeed this morning I met the director and owner of FrancoFiore, holding culinary porcelain comany (tableware and kitchenware porcelain), founded in 2006 by the tradition of Tiche, known producer of Italian porcelain. The three brothers Perego, heirs of the great little empire built by their father Franco, a worker who became a creative and successful entrepreneur, have divided the responsibilities of the area, and Lamberto Perego chose to open a new road, with the foreground: that of quality tableware and cooking porcelain. Lambert received us at the site of the two historic farms, Tiche and F.B.A.I, for show us the difference of an art machining system. Skilled workers work every day unique pieces, either among the chandeliers F.B.A.I., all formats and not assembled by the company with the original stamps of a great economic and historic value, or at the most delicate porcelain, where the artists of the raw material form the flowers, hands, the colors that compose the sumptuous classic works of Tiche. And while the two companies started by his father enjoy the success of a name built in years, which is appreciated all over the world (lots of packing boxes to Russia, the UAE, the US), Lamberto Perego appears in products with little porcelain FrancoFiore, designed for high quality food. Started from  the oven dishes ("they were simple, and I needed to start with a line easy to change”) now FrancoFiore is expanding its portfolio, with exceptional dishes for pizza with large diameter (up to 50 cm), porcelain for catering services, engraved and decorated plates. The knowledge of porcelain of Lamberto and of the Perego family is historical and concrete; the company FrancoFiore realizes its full production cycle in it. Starting from raw materials to the finished product without the cooperation of external tertiary companies, following all the production processes with their partners. The raw material is selected for excellence, the most noble and of course the most expensive of the large family of ceramics, "THE HARD PORCELAIN FELDSPATICA”. This has been certified after cooking according to standard rules: these certifications as well as ensuring high quality of the product are also guarantors of the corporate image and how it stands for its own customers. Lamberto Perego will tell the whole family story and especially the quality of his company FrancoFiore (Franco, father's name, and Fioretta, the mother) with enthusiasm and passion. And if you are lucky, while showing the characteristics of porcelain, processing, and all aspects of his daily effort, you will come to the three floors of the exhibition of Tiche and to the halls of lamps and chandeliers F.B.A.I., immersing yourself in an ancient space that resonates the centuries of classical baroque style furnishings villas lumières that still fascinates people who love this style.


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