Four for Qualithos: four stages and wine!

Four for Qualithos: visits to four companies in Vicenza to know wine and grappa
It's called "Four for Qualithos", the latest initiative launched by the four companies of Colli Berici (Le Pignole, Dal Maso, Piovene and Brunello) in the province of Vicenza under the brand associated Qualithos. It is a path to wine and grappa in four stages, one for each of the companies. Not an easy course, but a path, in fact, four times that, at the proper training, they accompany a visit to the company, meeting with winemakers and wine tasting. A route, which starts May 15 and ends June 19, to discover the grape and winemaking, of the characteristics of the territory, of the properties of wine and grappa, with tasting attached. For each appointment is expected the guided tasting of threes wines by the winemakers (or three grappa at the distilleries) and you will be able to choose to attend the meeting in the morning or afternoon. Info:  www.qualithos.it


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