Food design project at the Milan Triennale

Project "Bite and run" at the "Instant Design" design exhibition in Milan held at the Milan Triennale
FOODAFood Design Association is inviting designers, chefs, artists and scholars to participate in the project "Bite and run" as part of the "Instant design" exhibition in Milan to be held at the Triennale from Sunday to Tuesday, October 26th November 14th, 2010. The food, by its nature ephemeral, shows its ability to settle the long-lasting language idioms able to go through centuries of history and change without losing their communicative power. Bite and run is just the attempt to grasp the subtle sense that transforms the nutrient in food, the food in idea, and the idea in thought constructing architecture of meaning that surround our culture and influence our language. There are actually plenty of ways to say that touch the sphere of food and nutrition, “Rendere pan per focaccia” (give bread for focaccia), or return with equal or greater offense, an injury or damage received, “Capitare a fagiolo” (happening at the bean) that happen at the right time, or even“Cercare il pelo nell’uovo” (Search the hair in the egg) to be a very meticulous person, who looks to every detail. In the midst of the many ways to say, the regulation of Bite and run plan to devise a recipe that can embody one, planning a descriptive part and an illustrative one, by any technique, whether sketch, collage or photography. The assessment will take account of the taste, or the way it is served or eaten, or the shape or color. If the idea excites you go to: www.mordiefuggi.tumblr.com


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