Food and religion in Judaism

The kosher cuisine, dictated by the Kashrut Code, must follow specific rules. Food and religion that coexist in the Jewish feeding.
In Judaism the dietary rules are described in the sacred text of the Pentateuch. They are respected by every believer until they merge and overlap with the religion itself. Shortly, food and religion following the same track! All these rules (Kashrut) is driving not only for direct consumption but also for the production and processing of food, and cooking the term "kosher" is given only to those foods you can eat. For example, a respectful Jew considers edible flesh of animals that have cloven hoof - that is divided in half - and that chew, like cows, goats and sheep. Terribly unfit are the pig, camel, rabbit or horse. The deer is an especial animal, since living in open spaces is presumed to be killed with a pistol and not in a slaughterhouse, so it's not kosher food. All carnivorous animals and birds, their blood and any substance derived from them are not suitable, reptiles and most insects either. Some birds like chicken and turkey are extremely popular, but not the ostrich, the owl and the vulture. A German-Jew tradition also allows to cook the sparrow. Jews can drink and eat milk and dairy products, if comes from the animals permitted by the Torah of the Pentateuch. For the kosher kitchen it is very important not to mix milk with meat; it's weird to think so, but it is absolutely forbidden a simple cheeseburger for a Jewish, because in the sandwich are both cheese and meat! Only the Dutch Jews waits only one hour between a meal of meat and dairy products, but is universally accepted that they have to wait at least six hours. The anthropology of food studies precisely these cultural differences. As for fish, Jewish nutrition provides that it has fins and scales easy to remove. For example, sturgeons are very difficult to remove, that does not make it kosher food; it is for this that automatically caviar is considered sinful. Therefore cannot eat eel, swordfish, shark and all shellfish. So have the Jews food taboos, and the wine? How to behave in front of a nice glass of Chardonnay for example? What is the relationship wine and religion? This must also be controlled and selected by a rabbi, because it may have been produced with impure material. Will exist in some time also the kosher wine DOC?


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