Florence restaurants? Center, stars and the lampredotto

From the mythical lampredotto of Sergio Pollini to the star restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri: Florence, a very tasty route.
Define the cuisine of Florence is not easy because there are many tasty alternatives through the streets of the Tuscan capital. The restaurants of Florence, from center to periphery, know how to mix the sophisticated flavors of innovation to those of typical Tuscan cuisine. The restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri, primarily (www.enotecapinchiorri.it) is the temple of Italian and modern cuisine, where the renowned chefs Italo Bassi and Riccardo Stumpy amaze with their colors and ultra-sophisticated flavors. For aesthetes who love pleasantly disarrange. A creative cuisine is also proposed by the chef Marco Stabile, in his Ora d’Aria (www.oradariaristorante.com) in the new building from the street Georgofili. You have to enjoy his Rabbit in three versions and the black cod with Zolfini beans and Cartaldo onion. For those who want to experience a Tuscan-creative cooking. Going on the traditional Tuscan cuisine instead, but always of high quality, tavern and restaurant Cibrèo of the chef Fabio Picchi (Via de Macci 122 / r) offers traditional dishes: tripe salad, potato and ricotta flan, soup of bread and the phenomenal stuffed chicken neck. For traditionalists gourmets. And finally, to experience the true Florentine spirit with all the taste buds, here is the platform of "tripe" of Sergio Pollini, strictly for the street market of Sant'Ambrogio. Here is a must taste: the Lampredotto of Florence, or the "Florentine kebab", made of strips of delicious beef stomach in a sandwich with white bread. For the brave and nostalgic "was a better time." Many alternatives, many flavors worthy of Dante Alighieri. The restaurants in Florence and their thousands culinary variations.


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