Fire! Fire!

Andrea Tarini, second chef at bi-stared Restaurant Uliassi and Fabrizio Nonis, gourmet butcher, offer many ideas and suggestions on the world of fire cooking. A fascinating journey along the edges of the tradition of fire, in search of food flavors and classic dishes but also revisited by the inspiration and gourmet creativity. Here are presented techniques and tools, dishes, sauces, dressings and whole menus, from starters to desserts, all linked to the old wood fire kitchen. The project also comes thanks to Palazzetti, a world leader in domestic wood heating products, which since 1954 contributes to the culture of cooking with fires. Primitive methods for an intriguing innovation cooking. "Gusto Acceso " Terra Ferma Edizioni e Palazzetti Italian Language 180 pages 25 euro


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