FEDERDOC: information for all on quality wine

There are 100 wineries and restaurants of Florence, Bologna and Rome that have joined the initiative FEDERDOC
After the great success of the media campaign “We control everything, except those who you drink with”, Federdoc (www.federdoc.com) proposed a new initiative dedicated once again to correct information and disclosure for the enhancement of DOC. On this occasion, Federdoc has obtained the successful collaboration of those that represent the direct link between those who produce quality wines and those that consumes them. We are talking about professionals of the bars and restaurants, ideal carriers of correct information to the conscious consumer. A campaign, then, that takes place just at the sites dedicated to the purchase and consumption of wine in three important Italian squares. From June 10th in Florence and Bologna and June 20thin Rome, 100 selected exercises among wine shops and restaurants will distribute 10,000 information kits on Italian wines. It is a useful gift to its customers, interested in deepening their knowledge of Italian wine industry. The kit provides a quick and handy tool, full of information on quality Italian wines, ranging from the presentation of the new legislation of the Wine Community, to the correct way to read and interpret a label, the system of traceability of a wine quality, the principles of the major grape varieties and maps of areas of Denomination of Origin (all summarized on a CD). A major contribution, therefore, that of the restaurant owners and managers of wineries of the three Italian cities, for better convey an important message: the Italian quality wine is protected and controlled.


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