Farm Dattilo: green island of Calabria

The story of a man devoted to his homeland, Calabria, a daring dreamer and a skilled implementer
"Dreams are bold, but if one believes it is natural to realize them...” so begins the conversation with Roberto Ceraudo, owner of the farm Dattilo in Calabria, in Strongoli. It would be simplistic, however, stop to this definition. The ambition and boldness, passion and spirit of sacrifice of this man allowed completing an extraordinary project. In the '70s Mr. Ceraudo, that has always stuck to its roots and especially to the countryside, the rural life, decides to buy a company immersed in a bucolic landscape. From here everything: production (biological from the 90s) of wine and oil, and then in 2003 the opening of the farm and restaurant. A studied choice in detail in order to remain free to act according to his wishes and needs: a shabby chic cottage style with a gourmet restaurant, supplied with raw materials from its own vegetable garden and organic olive oil and wine production on site. Even that organic production is a brave and clear decision: the turning point came when, in the '90s, a route optimization scatters poison on the fields and must retrain all. The exclusion of herbicides and chemical products in general, provide Roberto Ceraudo, a way to distinguish his roduction. His wine is the result of careful research and a good part is obtained from fermentation of grape varieties, from Pecorella (recovered by him), the Gaglioppo and black Greek. A real treat is the rose wine: low yields, greater selection of grapes, vinification and storage in barrels for at least three months. A real treasure, the fruit of the genius of this audacious dreamer. www.dattilo.it


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