Fairs in Vicenza? Vespaiolo and cod

Five days of celebrations based on traditional Italian cooking with dried cod at Vicentina and Vespaiolo Breganze DOC of the Beato Bartolomeo Cellar
Is held in Sandrigo (Vicenza) 23 to 27 September 2010, the 23rd edition of the Festival of the cod. The appointment of five days with the traditional Italian cuisine will open this year with a special event, the Grand European Gala of the cod, scheduled for Thursday, September 23 to celebrate the recognition by EuroFIR (international network for information on European Union Food) of the cod of Vicentina between the five "traditional Italian foods". To celebrate this important recognition will be uncorked the Vespaiolo "On the Route of Cod": is a special selection, produced with the best grapes from hillside vineyards from the Beato Bartolomeo Cellar of Breganze. Vespaiolo and cod are a perfect marriage. And as in any well-matched pair, the two complement each other: the acidity and the backbone of the wine, meet the rich greasy taste of the dish. Several courses will take place throughout the five-day festival, from gnocchi with salt cod, salt cod with polenta and risotto with salt cod. www.baccalaallavicentina.it/it/


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