Events in Piacenza? The ancient fruits of the Paderna Castle

Among the events of Piacenza, the exhibition of the Ancients Fruits of the Paderna Castle to discover the incredible variety of fruits.
Among the events in Piacenza, the Castle Paderna will be the enchanting setting of the exhibition of vegetables, flowers, fruits, cereals, and ancient and found crafts Saturday 2, and Sunday, October 3, 2010. Rural Schools, universities, and amateurs will set up the courtyard with ancient plants the porch and the entrance of the castle and be made available to the public to illustrate anecdotes and interesting facts on the world of ancient plants and fruit. A unique opportunity to discover varieties of apples, pears, berries unique and rare, and maybe discover that in Italy there are over 300 varieties of figs ... As in the most typical fairs will meet the sellers. Organic farmers will present products for the processing of fruits and vegetables and the little known: mustards, jellies, jams, sweets, but even fluffy cakes and fresh fruit. After the courtyard, the bridge will lead to the specialist nurseries that will offer ancient fruit trees and vegetable seed forgotten, dispensing advice to the growing and harvesting of the same. Will be many events planned: from wine tasting classes and tastings to the thematic debates for adults. For children, however, there are workshops to learn how to create objects made of felt and wood, painted with natural colors or listen stories. It will be possible to take part at "Ancient Fruits" Saturday 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd from 9:00 to 18:00. Info:www.fruttiantichi.net


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