Eurochocolate 2009

It renews the traditional appointment in October with Chocolate, the sweetest event of the year sponsored by the city of Perugia, Perugia Province and Chamber of Commerce Perugia This year sees the involvement of Škoda as Main Sponsor. In 2009, Eurochocolate wants to give free rein to creativity because everyone can love chocolate in their own way. Dark or milk chocolate bar or, female (chocolate) or male (chocolate) it does not matter: there is room for everyone. Tools of this gentle and peaceful revolution, symbolic images of the new communication campaign Eurochocolate 2009 are the hammer, which symbolizes the "breaking" and the ruler, already dubbed the Golosimetro. To interpret the spirit of Eurochocolate the two objects and make it original gadgets have been two major Italian designers, Matteo Ragni, food designer, who for years worked with Eurochocolate in the production of chocolate always curious and impact and Paul Ulian, belonging to new generation of Italian designers, whose objects are characterized by a disarming simplicity, which, however, one cannot remain indifferent.


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