Environmental sustainability of the harvest

The Torraccia Piantavigna presents a new concept: they do not throw anything from the grapes!
The Torraccia of Piantavigna, wine producers in Piedmont, in particular of the Ghemme wine and from Gattinara (Novara Hills) have promoted an environmentally sustainable harvest. The harvest just begun this year welcomes important changes in the environment. The first and most important is that from the grapes do not throw anything. The picked grapes, in fact, after pressing will give the marc, for the production of brandy by the distillation. When completed, the seeds give the grape seed oil, one of the seasonings healthier and richer in vitamins, while the skins will be exhausted and then dried to produce pellets used to heat homes. The stalks are used in mulch the rows in anticipation of winter. Then there are the photovoltaic panels that allow the production of solar energy later used in the activity business. Thanks to all of these good practices Torraccia Piantavigna save about 75% of that spends in production, reducing the environmental damage. www.torracciadelpiantavigna.it


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