Dry Wine Bele Casel

The Asolo Dry Superior DOCG Colfòndo of the company Bele Casel is alive and surprises at every sip
The Asolo Dry Superior DOCG Colfòndo of the company Bele Casel (dry and sparkling) is a stroke of lightning, but should be handled with care. Is alive and changes with each sip, almost every movement. Obtained with traditional method, the characteristic that distinguishes this sparkling wine is the absence of disgorgement: yeasts are left inside the bottle and give thus a cloudy color, a dirty white similar to barley. Emblematic is its foam, initially cheerful and sparkling, then firmer, leaving a large brilliant crown.The sparkle is courageous and continuous, thinly veiled by the aura whitish and foggy, almost glazed. To the nose shows notes of citrus, slight and somewhat iridescent. In the mouth remain the outstanding notes of fruit and a savoury note, while staying balanced; continues dry and straight along the palate, until the sudden appearance of a pure almond. The evocative description made by Dan Lerner refers to "the first storm in late August, that changes lights and perspectives and opens up a new season” or the feeling when you wonder for very little and enjoy a lot, “to think and to change, all at the time of a bottle that tells about its land.” www.belecasel.it www.ideatre60.it/i-forum-di-ideatre60/educazione-alimentare


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