Creative cuisine with California plums

Gribaudo loves to experiment, to dare and take unusual streets to promote the concept of creative haute cuisine. With his latest book, "California Plums" crosses the Atlantic and come to America. The wonderful result of the San Francisco peninsula, the plum is not only healthy and delicious as a snack, but also a versatile ingredient in the creative gourmet cooking. The book tells the plum recipes of Davide Castoldi, executive chef of the Nhow Hotel in Milan, and deepens the enthusiasm for the avant-garde with really famous or uncontaminated combinations.  From noodles with squid, seaweed and plums to the swordfish, fennel, plum and wasabi, the liver with prunes and Muscat brandy to the dessert with green apple, ice cream with prunes and couscous with chocolate. Vanguard and flavors of California, but creatively Italian. "Plums of California" Gribaudo Publisher 95 pages 6.90 EUR


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