Craft raw beer form Menaresta Brewery

The purpose of the brewery Menaresta is to make the beer a "cultural" product for the carful passionate consumers
The craft beer Menaresta borns with respect for the oldest brewing tradition. Beer is "raw”, full, at high fermentation,  produced in an artisanal way in the brewery Carate Brianza. What emerges is an final product of high quality, rich aroma and full-bodied, capable to pull of  sensations that an industrial beer is not able to offer. The missing heat treatment (responsible for the loss of vitamins and antioxidants, and the irreversible denaturation of yeast) allows to the beer to express their organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Beer, unpasteurized, no preserve are added and there are not used other processes involving degradation or depletion of the product. The tested choice and dosing of raw materials, coupled with rigorous but creative production process gives this beer the ultimate quality, the most important: taste. Each of the seven types currently proposed (for the summer period is recommended the excellent Flora & Flora with acacia or elder flowers) has unique properties due to the use of unusual ingredients, and the adoption of special blends. There are a wide range of flavors that follow the creative talent of the artisans of Menaresta beer and seasonal and territorial availability ingredient choses.


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