Craft beer in Lombardy

Craft beer and craft brewers in Lombardy. We asked Scauca, professional brewer and taster of different varieties of Lombardy beer
Speaking of craft beer in Tuscany, of craft breweries in Piedmont and excellent drinks in and around Rome was relatively easy, but to list and describe the beer in Lombardy is a difficult task. Difficult because Lombardy is true in all respects the capital of Italian craft beer or at least the area of Italy where reborn the love for this drink craft made? We asked the young Scauca to tell us the best bottles and the best craft breweries in Lombardy. Scauca Thanks! It is not easy to choose ten bottles of beer that stand out in Lombardy, which, with more than 50 craft breweries active, it can rightly be considered the heart of the Italian artisan movement. Considering also that from here, in 1996, it left the brewing "Renaissance" and that many Italian beers of the pioneering phase made then as an example for later. For this reason, the following list, drawn up while taking into account the objective of brewing capacity and quality of the products concerned, it is only intended as a sign of appreciation of the writer. The Italian Brewery (www.birrificio.it) of Lurago Marinone (CO) was the first Lombard craft ever, playing a key role in spreading the beer culture in Italy, also through its beers: Tipopils, Pilsner German-inspired, between notes of honey and herbs has become known worldwide as one of the best examples of the style. The Cassissona is a "champagne beer" produced by the addition of Cassis syrup, with exuberant carbonation and heady notes of berries and caramel with a slight and winey acidity. In the same year opened the brewery Lambrate in Milan (www.birrificiolambrate.com), the double-pair of brothers Sangiorgi and Pitcher who has tapped in recent years great beers, such as Ghisa, 5 degree of very dark and complex levels of smoked drinkability (oxymoron, I know ...). The older sister, the Imperial Ghisa, is destined to be talked about much though. At the other end of the visible spectrum the Ligèra, Pale Ale American-inspired, which, with its fruit aroma of 4.5% vol, finish dry and hopped, inviting you to drink another, until you find yourself under the bar. In the wake of the pioneers, as mentioned, have been many. Maybe too many. But the beers with the "capital" B did not finished here. So much genius and even more recklessness build the story of a Bi-Du in Rodero (www.bi-du.it), able, since 2002, producing more than twenty different types of craft beer. The Border is a rustic Porter with character, balanced between the roasting and a strong hop, a distinctive feature of the brewer. From Rodersch, like interpretation of the Kölsch in Cologne, you could literally drink buckets. Is delicate and balanced. Honey, flowers and grass condensed into a glass. In the countryside, Brescia, since 2004 BABB produces excellent beer in Manerbio (www.babb.it) despite several changes to the bridge of shiny equipment. An example is Rubin, a powerful Bock, thanks to its complex character, ripe fruit and caramel, combined with a generous hop, won several awards in recent years at national level. Also in 2004 started the adventure of the craft brewery L’Orso Verde in Busto Arsizio (www.birraorsoverde.com). His Wabi is a Golden Ale, dry, fragrant and characterized by intense hop. Simple but by no means trivial. His BackDoorBitter smells instead of wood and tobacco, citrus and spice, with a bitter taste, following the British tradition. From the enthusiasm of three friends connected by a decennial passion for home-brewing was born only a year ago the brewery Rurale in Certosa di Pavia (www.birrificiorurale.it ), which immediately was confronted with a very complicated way, that the Belgian Blanche, managing to produce a gem like the Seta, which collects a 5 percent alcohol and spicy fresh and delicious soft citrus notes. The hunt is on. Cheers! And moderation.


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