Corrado Fasolato: music becomes Gourmet

Corrado Fasolato, Director and Executive Chef at the Met Restaurant in Venice, tells his new, fascinating project: to combine music and cuisine to activate the five senses of emotion.
Corrado Fasolato, received his second Michelin star this year, along with recognition of the three forks of the Red Lobster, is Director and Executive Chef at the Met Restaurant in the Metropole Hotel in Venice. Smiling eyes under a shock of short black hair, Corrado is a simple man, direct, who wants to impress and that works very much. Among the latest projects emerged from his kitchen there is a very special and interesting one. It's called “SoundChef” and is an unprecedented collaboration between the kitchen and music. The program includes, in fact, studying and executing dishes accompanied by music specially prepared. A dinner thus becomes a multi-sensory experience that can excite and engage in an unexpected way. The idea, Conrad tells us, comes from a chat with two clients, a couple, he an architect and her psychologist. They noticed that to certain dishes "lacked only the music." While some dishes have a musicality, we might say, intrinsic (such as the crisp, crunching under the teeth, and transmits sound to the whole body) the other transmit it, but only in thought. This comment touched the heart of Corrado that in fact, have been wondering for a long time how to involve the five senses in savoring a dish. "If you think about it, he says, in some places some foods are more evident; the substance was more prominent, even if the ingredients are the same. Wind, waves and sounds play an absolutely non-marginal role in taste. When we eat a dish of fish, spaghetti with clams, carpaccio, anything, on the seashore, with the noise of the rhythmic waves, it tastes totally different, more pointed, engaging, if not ate elsewhere. Eating does not directly assess the noise, but they influence us. The chirping of birds, wind, and any noise can affect our feelings” Arrived at the Metropole hotel knows the DJ, who reveals to be a passionate gourmet and without Corrado tell him anything, now love the cuisine; he proposed to study all the combinations of music and food. In this way was born the separate room of the restaurant where can explore this new frontier of taste, and the project "SoundChef" collecting a lot of interest even outside Met. "Music is a highly emotional element, able to evoke feelings, environments, and memories. The idea is to associate a dish created for the occasion a dedicated music, which starts from an item and then amplifies, accompanying customer while eating. It is a demanding task that requires preparation and a complex "execution". That for now the room can accommodate two to a maximum of eight people, private dining and with reservation in advance to allow me and DJ to prepare meals, menus and pairings. The dishes are 7, maximum 10, each designed for the occasion”. "Many people believed in us and in the idea. Others approach the project to collaborate: chefs, DJs, and more. For example, a speaker company of Vicenza has just proposed collaboration”. Approach food and music to complete the five senses and engage the customer in a unique experience that allows them to detach completely from the world for the three hours in which is involved in this trip. An ambitious project, but certainly fascinating. "At these levels people are traveling to excite, to try new sensations, but also to relax and break away from routine. In this way I offer them 2 or 3 hours of total comfort, where the person affected by the complexity of different things are exposed to his senses, unable to really isolate and concentrate only on itself and on what he taste. The taste becomes a shared flavor, smell, sight and hearing. " "It was something in my head from a long time. I always use headphones, the music, to isolate and concentrate, preparing my meals. And I wondered: how can I allow the same concentration on the plate to those who tasted it? "Here's the solution.


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