Coppa Riserva for Villani Salami

Villani Salami presents the Coppa Riserva: all the taste of the Italian origin quality
Villani Salami, company that for over 100 years offers high quality meats, present the Coppa Riserva, another of the valuable Villani products, ambassadors of a valuable Italian culinary tradition. Prepared using only meat from heavy pigs of Italian origin, carefully selected by Villani who chooses only the thinner parts, the Coppa Riserva is a genuine sausage, weighing about 2 kg and of a sweet taste but rich in personality, stuffed in natural casings and subjected to a maturation of 95 days, after a process of salting done by hand. In full respect of the production Villani Salami, also the Coppa Riserva is without sources of gluten and dairy products, to offer the guarantee of a healthy, digestible and suitable aliment for anyone, even those who have special dietary needs. With its mild flavor, yet full, the Coppa Riserva is ideal to serve at appetizer, accompanied by slices of fresh bread and red wine from exceptionally light and lively texture, but is an excellent combination for a plate of vegetables grilled and cheese, especially creamy ones. More information: www.villanisalumi.it


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