Cookbook of Italian cooking, by Sergio Mei

“La cucina italiana all’italiana” ("The Italian-style cuisine"), according to Sergio Mei, executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan
Sergio Mei Tomasi, executive chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan (one of the most elegant hotels in Milan), has produced a volume entitled "The Italian-style cuisine", published by Reed Gourmet, which contains three hundred recipes of Italian traditional cuisine, from the Lasagna alla Bolognese, to the Risotto alla Milanese, from the Peppered of mussels to the classic Spaghetti with tomato sauce. A gastronomic journey that touches each pole of the Italy, an adventure in which the wise chef Mei, adopts and revises the recipes of regional Italian cuisine. An ambitious project that takes the form of a compendium of Italian cuisine, of our traditional dishes, known all over the world, but that few can achieve in accordance with the original recipe. Detailed recipes, developed by one of the great masters of the varied cuisine of the beautiful country and one of the protagonists of the prestigious Ecole Lenôtre of Plaisir Paris, where Mei regularly holds cooking classes. www.fourseasons.com/milan/


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